Final Year Design Project

Final Year Design Project (FYDP) is assigned to solve a “complex engineering problem” based on the knowledge and skills gained during the 7th semester of the program which continues in eighth semester. Purpose of the FYDP is to provide each student the opportunity to experience the engineering design process in the context of a topic related to the curriculum. A comprehensive “Plan of Action” has been developed to assign projects to the students, track, evaluate and assess the projects. Detailed guidelines are available on departmental website. Students must prepare and submit the FYP reports as per uniform format, for facilitation, a template is available. The projects can be undertaken in small groups consisting of not more than five members.


Steps to carry out the Final Year Design Project:

Flowchart shown in Figure  below describes the steps carried out during the completion of FYP.


Role of supervisor in FYDP:

A project supervisor (internal/external) has significant role in FYP from the following perspectives:

  • To deicide the PLOs depending upon the domain/nature of an individual project.
  • To provide timely guidance to students regarding their issues and project tasks.
  • To coordinate with the project external to set project deliverables and directions.
  • To ensure timely completion of project as per the departmental FYP timeline.
  • To submit mid and final evaluation results to committee
  • To ensure timely completion of project as per the departmental FYP timeline.
  • To analyze the behavior/attitude of individual group members.
  • To analyze the “conflict resolution” skills.
Final year project (FYDP) committee:

Committee members are nominated by Chairman Electrical Engineering Department (CED), shown in Figure. It comprises of a convener and 4-5 members to monitor and schedule all the activities related to FYDP. Following are the roles of FYP committee:

  • To prepare FYDP timeline in the mid of 5th semester aligned with the academic calendar of university.
  • To form multiple project committees depending upon the areas of interests.
  • To provide submitted FYDP proposals of students for evaluation to project committees and to collect corrected/modified proposals from them.
  • To collect mid and final evaluation results from the project supervisors.


Project evaluation committee

There can be multiple project committees comprises of 2-3 members along with an external supervisor, hierarchy is shown in Figure 3. Tasks of Project Evaluation are as follows:

  • Conduct project proposal defense of their respective assigned FYDP groups.
  • Guide students to modify the set goals and directions of project, if needed.
  • Mid and final evaluation of FYDP.
  • Check whether student have achieved their decided goals or not.



Final Year Design Project and OBE

PLOs for the final year project are defined as the part of the FYDP policy. FYDP is considered as a complex engineering problem and multiple PLOs can be targeted in a single FYP. Each FYDP may contain four or more than four PLOs depending upon the nature FYDP i.e. design based, consultancy based, or research based. Internal advisor along with external advisor will have the flexibility to decide number of PLOs, their weightage and communicate them to the students. FYDP will necessarily cater following five PLOs:

  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work.
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Lifelong learning

Project supervisor will decide one or more PLOs from the given below list depending on project nature:

  • Problem Analysis
  • Design/development of solutions.
  • Investigation.
  • Modern tool usage

The details of FYDP PLOs and their weightage is shown in Table.

PLOs Criteria of evaluation as per PLOs Weightage of PLO
PLO2 Problem Analysis _%
PLO3 Design/Development of Solution _%
PLO4 Investigation _%
PLO5 Modern Tool Usage _%
PLO8 Ethics (including Plagiarism check) 10%
PLO9 Individual and Team work 5%
PLO10 Communication (Speech quality, Quality of slides, Maintain formal attire) 10%
PLO11 Project Management (Timely submission) 5%
PLO12 Lifelong Learning 10%
  Total PLO Percentage 100%


Final Year Design Project Assessment

Project progress is monitored continuously by an Internal and external supervisor. The internal supervisor is a faculty member of Electrical Engineering Department whereas external supervisor is from industry. Each group is required to have bi-weekly or monthly meetings with respective supervisors. By the end of seventh semester, FYP mid- term evaluation is conducted in which each group must prepare a project report and deliver a presentation to the examination committee. The examination panel consists of internal and external supervisors and evaluation committee members, where evaluation committee is formed by FYDP committee. By the end of eighth semester, the project must be completed. After the completion of project, students are required to submit four hardbound copies of the FYP report along with a CD. A template is prepared by Electrical FYP committee for the FYP report. The project CD must contain the following items:

  • FYDP report
  • Software developed (if any, along with the code)
  • Turnitin Report.
  • Presentations
  • All other material consulted/utilized
  • Certificate for FYDP report submission

Final assessment of the FYDP is carried out by the same “Examination Committee” as was at the time of mid-term evaluation. Students are graded both in mid-term and final assessment according to criterion as given in Table:

Criteria Weightage Assessment Method

Project Proposal

(To validate the proposal feasibility)

- -

Mid Term Assessment

(By the end of seventh semester)

40% Rubric (see downloads)

Final Assessment

(By the end of eighth semester)

60% Rubric (see downloads)


PLOs for the final year project are defined as the part of the FYDP policy. Rubrics required for FYDP evaluation are designed according to PLOs and are included in the FYP policy. Rubrics for the mid-term and final assessment can be downloaded from bottom of this page.


Final Year Designe Project (FYDP) List